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    Musicbox 16 May 2013

    G Pollen

    by G Pollen

    16th May 2013. Rüdesheim is a popular stop on any Rhine River cruise and one of the sightseeing attractions in this riverside town is Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum. This is the first museum collection of automated musical instruments in Germany and holds an impressive collection. Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum is housed in Brömserhof which was a noble court built in 1542. Our cheery guide takes us around the museum which covers an exhibition space of more than 400 square metres and has one of the largest and most beautiful collections of mechanical music boxes. There are approximately 350 exhibits of mechanical instruments dating from the 18th to the 20th century -- from delicate musical boxes to a gigantic piano-orchestrion. The museum also includes tools and machines for manufacturing barrel organs, cardboard music, piano rolls and musical box plates. Taken on a Toshiba Camileo S30 Full HD Digital Camcorder. Picture good The sound is not good. I will use a Sony camcorder in future.