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    Hailing from Walthamstow, East London and being born from a musical background his dad is a well-known Calypso singer within their home island of Trinidad. \u2028It's no surprise that musical ability seems almost infectious in this family!

    Now Skillit has made his own mark in his hometown London, showing his fun loving nature and personality through his music, injecting humour and fun into hiphop and rap whilst casually showing off his acting skills in the mix. Whether it's through his lyrics or hilariously imaginative videos, Skillit is bound to make you smile at some point!

    Having already released Three EP's & two Singles to an eagerly awaiting dedicated fan base, he has enjoyed successes through tracks such as 'Skeen' and 'Ready to Light' which collectively have around 67,000 hits on Youtube to date. With his music being aired on mainstream, nationally recognised radio stations such as 1Xtra, Kiss, and Choice FM, it was only a matter of time until Skillit turned his talents to a new challenge. Gaining a lead acting role within BBC's 'No Hats, No Trainers' comedy show, Skillit was able to stamp his now recognisable style on his very own sketch in the show; 'Skillit's Word of the Day'. Including appearances from international celebrities like Neyo, Cuban Brothers and Tinie Tempah, Skillit's Word of the Day was massively popular, current and just downright funny! \u2028

    Anyone who has ever been to a Skillit show will know to expect full-on entertainment, which is why his is a face you can expect to see regularly performing at London's most well-known and respectable live music venue's such as Cargo, Notting Hill Arts Club and Plan B. Such are his performing skills, that he has been known to get a festival crowd nodding their heads too! Lovebox 2011 were happy to see Skillit added to the schedule, as was Ali Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe called Quest, who Skillit supported during a UK performance.

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