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    Miranda & Jennette's April Fools Jokes On iCarly Set


    by ClevverTV

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    ICarly is ready for April Fools Day with a special new episode called iApril Fools and let's just say this is going to become a fan favorite. And that's because you'll get to see some of your favorite moments in mock flashback scenes -- and it's iCarly fans who selected the LOL-worthy clips. The story goest that Carly and Spencer get evicted from their apartment which allows them to reminisce. This episode hits the public on Saturday, March 24 at 8:30pm eastern pacific-- not the actual April Fools day - what tricksters at Nickelodeon, right?? Right before iCarly, you can check out the Victorious cast pulling pranks on each other. Plus, at 9pm, How To Rock features a full-on prank war and let's just say someone people's hands get glued together. Then, Bucket & Skinner involves sneaking out of the house, sneaking onto a yacht and some more sneaking around surrounding a contest. Basically, all Saturday night on March 24, you can count on laughs and more on Nickelodeon. Let us know which favorite iCarly scenes you hope to see on the show, and for more stories just like this one, be sure to subscribe to ClevverTV. I'm Dana Ward and we'll catch ya next time.