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    Mahabharat - Episode 39


    by Rajshri

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    Watch Mahabharat Episode 39 -udhishthir is coronated with great celebration. Dhritrashtra bids Yudhishthir farewell with these words, “ My brother Pandu made this Kingdom prosperous. May you prove a worthy heir to his renown! May you conquer the entire world! May you perform the Ramsey Yang and may you live long and rule as a King, just as your forefathers did before you!” Yudhishthir knew that the land was a barren wasteland, but he agreed to accept this injustice because he wanted peace. The Pandavas reach Khandavprastha, and with the help of Krishna and Balram, they renovate the ruined city. They plough the land and rename it Indraprastha.B.R Chopra's Mahabharat is a show that has left an indelible impression in the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide with its timeless values and teachings. Regular Facebook Updates