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    Angela Sarafyan Talks Playing "Tia" In Breaking Dawn


    by ClevverTV

    191 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! The Vampire numbers are growing in Breaking Dawn -- up next we reveal new details on the character of Tia -- don't move an inch it's all up next. You're back at ClevverTV, hello everyone I'm your girl Joslyn Davis and today you're in for a special treat -- thanks to MTV, we're getting brand new info on one of the vampires set to play a key role in Breaking Dawn. As you know, there will be a whole slew of new vampires with Breaking Dawn, and we gave you the run-down as to which actors were playing which vampires, as well as which covens they'd be representing. You can click on the link in our story info if you want to refresh yourself on all that 411, after you're done watching this show. That said, Angela Sarafyan, the actress who plays Tia of the Egyptian coven, is dishing all about how awesome it's been on-set with all her fellow BD stars, and she's also revealing brand new info about her character's backstory, which she adds, she got to help create. She said, "I always envisioned Tia like Cleopatra and Benjamin like Marc Anthony" (by the way Benjamin is Tia's companion). Angela added that "even though they're the younger vampires they're very strong willed and rebels. [They} have this history of how they were 4 and they met and they fell in love and at 16 they turned into vampires." Oddly enough, Angela said that when she talked about this backstory creation with Stephanie Meyer, the writer said that she already had that similar idea in mind. And as far as shooting goes, Angela reveals that she initially thought the cast would be "not very nice and...stuck up," but that really "they're the complete opposite," and that shooting was like being in and "Egyptian Kasbah in Baton Rouge." Sounds fun...almost as much fun as we're going to have come November 18th when the movie finally comes out! So who's excited? For updates on other cast-member and scoop on Breaking Dawn, subscribe to ClevverTV on Youtube. Thanks for watching ClevverTV. I'm Joslyn Davis, have a great day!