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    'Teen Wolf' Finale Recap


    by ClevverTV

    226 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! ClevverTV has got the recap on last night season one finale for MTV's break-out hit show "Teen Wolf." Hey guys, I'm Joslyn Davis and I think it's safe to say that the final episode left fans surprised, pleased and wanting more. Just yesterday we heard rumored reports that a couple of people on the show would die, and at least one new wolf would emerge. And now we know that those rumors have been confirmed. Following the Alpha's attack on Lydia in the last episode, she is placed in the hospital. The Alpha, Peter Hale, informs Stiles that if Lydia survives her injuries, she'll become a wolf. Stiles is also forced to help Peter locate Derek, who is still being held captive by Allison's aunt, as Peter threatens Stiles by saying that if he doesn't help him, he'll hurt Scott. Peter also, oh so generously, offers Stiles the opportunity to take the bite and join the pack, to which Stiles pulls his hand away. On the note of Scott, he is incredibly devastated that Allison knows what and who he is. Allison is whisked away by her Aunt, that is until her aunt takes her out into the woods to hunt, and they end up shooting down Scott and the newly freed Derek. Derek has agreed to help Scott, after Scott uncovers info that confirms the fact that Peter Hale knowingly killed Derek's sister in order to be able to take on the Alpha role. Peter's not the only the back-stabber here though. Stiles discovers that Allison's aunt was the one who set the Hale house on fire, and for some reason she has a very malicious streak. So when Allison's dad comes across his own sister about to kill Scott, he stops her, pointing the gun at her. But he and the rest of the group quickly learn they have competition from the Alpha, slashes her throat. Long story short, Jackson and Stiles also arrive on the scene, and when a battle ensues between the Alpha and basically everyone else, the unlikely duo save the day with the fire bombs from the school, hurling them at the Alpha, as Allison grabs her bow and arrow to break the glass canisters and ignite the bombs. As the Alpha lies dying, Derek hovers over him, and does the final deed, killing him once and for good, and thus taking on the Alpha role for himself. Follow this insane scene, we see Allison and Scott cuddling on the roof, Lydia still in the hospital and not becoming a wolf, and Jackson seems to finally get the bite he wants from Derek, but the shot cuts right before we get confirmation. So the good news here is that Allison and Scott are still together despite all the odds against them, but the bad news is that Derek appears to have taken an evil turn. And we have no clue what's going on with Lydia. What do you guys think is happening here? And what are your predictions? Either way, we're gonna have a very long time to ponder those questions and more, because the Teen Wolf cast hasn't even begun shooting Season 2. For updates on the show, make sure to stick with ClevverTV by subscribing to our channel on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis in our Hollywood headquarters -- see you next time!