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    Eminem 60 Million Facebook Likes


    by ClevverMusic

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    Slim Shady becomes the first person to have 60 million Facebook 'Likes'! What's up, you're watching ClevverMusic. Rapper Eminem, who recently announced is working on his next solo studio album, has shocked us by achieving a feat Little Monsters will be jealous of. Eminem is the first person to receive 60 MILLION Facebook "Likes"... ever.

    That number puts Lady Gaga's record amount of Twitter followers, right now with 27 million, to shame. We're only slightly surprised by Eminem nabbing the top spot on Facebook, as he's been quiet for most of 2012 so far, and his last big performance happened at Lollapalooza last year.

    Marshall Mather's "Love the Way You Lie" collab partner Rihanna isn't far behind him on Facebook, with 59 million Facebook fans. On Facebook, Lady Gaga has 53 million Facebook fans, AND her own social media site

    So what exactly does Eminem post on Facebook that has garnered him this many followers? Mostly promos and behind-the-scenes videos featuring artists and ventures he's involved with on his label, Shady Records. For example, a behind-the-scenes of Slaughterhouse's "My Life" featuring CeeLo music video was last posted. Also- promo posters for Slaugherhouse's "Throw It Away" single, released in July, are posted on Facebook.

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