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    Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Announced


    by ClevverGames

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    Well, Metal Gear Solid Fans have reason to rejoice! During the 25th Anniversary Event for Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima announced the newest title to the franchise, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.
    First question on everyones mind was, old snake, young snake, real snake? And from the looks of it, we are getting a younger snake. Well, at leaset younger than Snake from MGS 4. But for those paying close attention to the presentation, he was just refered to as Snake. Not solid Snake, just snake. Now these story lines get a bit crazy, so this in fact could be a clone of snake. Maybe. But I also saw someone say that the game is starring Big Boss. Honestly, this franchise confuses me so much, it gets a bit hard to follow. It stars a guy with an eye patch named Snake. And I'm not talking about Snake Plisken. Unfortunately
    But the big deal about this game is that it runs on the FOX engine, and the game looks beautiful. Now rumors are around that this game will actually be open world esque. Now to add some solidity to this rumor, Kojima was recently quoted talking about Silent Hill, and how it would be a great game if it was run on the FOX engine in an open world setting. Perhaps, he said that becuase he had be doing that for this MGS. Also, the use of helicopters and jeeps in the demo presentation is a strong indication as well.
    Like I said, fans of the franchise have reason to rejoice. People like me, egh. I love a good stealth shooter, but I get sooo turned off by the sheer complexity and over all out there of this story line makes it a pass for me. But that's just me. Feel to throw your stones of shame at me. OR you can tell me what you all think of this new title in the comments below. And also, I'd just like to say, that yes, we arn't uploading as much these days, but stick with us. We're working on something for you guys..till the next time, I'm the jovenshire, and you're watching Clevver Games.

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