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    Hit-Girl To Play Major Role In 'Kick-Ass 2'


    by ClevverMovies

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    Hit-Girl To Play Major Role In 'Kick-Ass 2' and we have the details!

    According to, Hit-Girl will be playing a significantly bigger role in kickass 2 than she did in the original film, the question that remains is if Chloe Moretz will return to reprise the role!

    At a panel for the Kapow! Comic Convention in London, Jeff Wadlow, the writer and director of Kick-Ass 2 spoke about the highly anticipated adaptation and about bring chloe moretz back on the big screen! He has been pretty hush hush about the project, so the info was pretty exciting for the panel attendees! He said, " I can tell you that I'm here in London because we're making the movie. They brought me over about a week ago and I'm going to be here for about a year. Our first day of photography is in September. I'm just very happy to be here and I'm very lucky to be working with Matthew Vaughn, whose just an incredible producer... It's moving forward and it's happening."

    With the original film taking some liberties with the first comic book, Wadlow revealed that adapting the sequel was challenging finding a balance between what happened in the first film and how the comic book sequel plays out. If you haven't read the comic book, be warned that the next bit will be a major spoiler. One major difference between the comic book and the film will be what happens to Hit-Girl after she quits the superhero business. The comic book doesn't delve into what happens during this period in her life and Wadlow felt including this will help give the film the emotional element it needs.

    So with so much of the film focusing on Hit-Girl, does that mean Chloe is a sure bet to return? Nothing is official, but Wadlow did reveal that he recently met with the young star and that she's excited about the direction they are taking with Hit-Girl.

    So will you guys be checking out kick ass 2 when it hits the big screen? What if the much in demand Moretz doesn't return as Hit-Girl? Let us know by commenting below and be sure to keep it locked right here on clevver mvies, your number one source for movie news!