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    Dianna Agron Off of Glee?


    by ClevverTV

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    Hi Gleeks! As always, thanks for tuning in. I'm Dana Ward for ClevverTV and we're talking about the latest happenings on the show. Of course, if you're a big fan, you saw that the last episode ended with a car accident. Quinn was busy texting and driving -- something that you not do because it's very dangerous -- and bam, we're all left hanging as to what's next for the character. Is she ok? Is she hurt? Is she even alive?? Obviously, this big Glee event left a lot of fans flabbergasted, and wondering if this is the OUT that show creator Ryan Murphy was looking for to get Dianna OFF the show. We're not saying this is true -- we're just revealed what all of the online hype is. But, of course, we all know that Quinn is set to go to Yale in the fall, so her episodes are probably limited. That being said, SPOILER ALERT, reports say that the star has been spotted on the Glee set -- albeit in a wheelchair -- but definitely on the show. So let us know your thoughts about this major texting and driving plot, and the future of Glee with or without Dianna. I'm Dana Ward, we'll see ya later, bye!