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    Noel Gallagher Slams Lady Gaga


    by ClevverMusic

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    Hey guys, Bridget here for ClevverMusic. Well the Gaga bashing continues! Fresh off of Simon Cowell's statements about her being quote "boring," now Noel Gallagher is chiming in with his two cents. He spoke with Q magazine and said,
    "I don't give a f--king monkey's about Lady Gaga. It's all about the meat suit and the controversy. Is it about music? Really? She's got the publicity side sorted, but where's the f--king music."
    He went on to call her quote, "Madonna-lite, saying Madonna was hardcore. She took it to the edge musically as well as everything else. Twenty years from now, will we listen to Lady Gaga? No. She might think she is making a stand for the freaks and the weirdos. But they're not going to have any decent f--king music to play are they?"
    Again, lock your doors Noel Gallagher. What is it with Brits against Gaga? We don't get it, but comment below and let us know whose side you're on. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, your #1 source for Gaga news on the net. See ya soon.