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    Colbie Caillat "I Never Told You" Music Video Recap


    by ClevverTV

    513 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! The Colbie Caillat New Music Video Preview is right now on ClevverTV. Hey everybody! I'm Dana Ward with the preview for Colbie Caillat's new video for I Never Told You. This track is off of her 2nd album, Breakthrough, and we hear that it all hits close to home as Caillat wrote it all about her recent boyfriend breakup. This video is definitely very artsy, like literally, because in it, Colbie is an artist. She paints life-changing moments in other people's lives and when those subjects look at the portraits, they're suddenly back in that art-captured moment. Anyone who's ever been in a relationship can identify with the heart-strung lyrics, about missing that person and everything about them. I Never Told You definitely tells a love story, but we're you lovin it? Let us know by tweeting us @clevvertv and remember to click follow on Twitter. I'm Dana Ward in Beverly Hills - thanks for tuning in!