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    Lady Gaga Artist Spotlight: New Single and SNL Performance


    by ClevverTV

    717 views - Follow us! Lady Gaga is so IN these days. We've got the 411 on her growing music biz right now. Hey peeps! You've reached another episode of Clevver TV and I'm Dana Ward. In today's Artist Spotlight, we're zoning in on Lady Gaga. She's a pretty popular one lately, practically taking over internet blogs with her VMA performance of 'Paparazzi' and her extreme style choices. Beyond her impressive VMA 3-category winning spree, Lady Gaga just got featured as the musical guest on the show, Saturday Night Live. The promos with Gaga alongside guest host, Ryan Reynolds, were pretty funny with quite obvious jokes about fashion and love. And for the actual SNL show, LG acted and poked fun at herself with a musical skit which received mixed reviews. It featured a cameo by Madonna - who's in NYC promoting her 'Best of' collection - for a sketch called 'Deep House Dish'. It was a dancing and singing mock performance that definitely had some cat fighting mixed in, until a talkshow type of couch interview session turns into a weird makeout session. To me, it seemed a little reminiscent of that Britney Spears and Madonna kiss for MTV back in the day, except these SNL gals were wearing fierce, hard black vinyl and leather. Quickly switching into a RED vinyl getup with a matching headpiece and boots, Lady Gaga sang 'Paparazzi' and she was sure to cause a bit of a stir when she seemingly purposely shouted out the s-bomb during the live show. Whoops - did anyone tell her profanities are not allowed? Especially after this was the 2nd episode of the season and already it was the 2nd bad word spat. Up next, for Gaga's musical show, she put on an eye-catching costume that she named on her Twitter page as 'The Orbit' and let's just say that one hit her in the head more than once during those few minutes of her compilation piece. Utilizing her sweet piano-playing skills, Gaga segued from 'LoveGame' to 'Poker Face' to her latest song, 'Bad Romance' - and she even threw in some improvised lyrics about New York City. And a final skit opposite Andy Samberg had her - AND HIM - wearing that infamous bubble outfit from LG's covershoot for Rolling Stone in May. Basically, they're embarrassed to be matching, but compliments start flying between the two and they just can't resist trying to kiss... but they just can't do it. The bubble costumes restrict them from getting close, but it's kinda funny watching them physically struggle though! Bringing it back to her new single, 'Bad Romance'. It's off of her re-release of her popular 'The Fame' album and it's a bit heavier and darker than her other tracks. The newer LP, 'The Fame Monster', is set to have a ton of new songs, all ready for fans on November 24th. In fact, somehow Gaga has found time to do more behind-the-scenes work, saying QUOTE 'I wrote almost a full album's worth of material and right now I'm kind of spending my time sifting through it all and doctoring it and making it perfect and deciding what I want everyone to hear.' Plus, the singer-songwriter has taken to her Twitter page to officially announce that she will go on a solo tour, after the series also headlining Kanye West got nixed. So, this lady - Lady Gaga to be exact - is quite busy. What part of her new music announcements are looking most forward to? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below. I'm Dana Ward - thanks for watching our Artist Spotlight here at Clevver TV - bye!