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    Miley Cyrus 'LOL' Trailer Debuts


    by ClevverTV

    Watch LOL Trailer - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! What's going on everyone? You're back at the ClevverTV headquarters. I'm Dana Ward coming at you and you know that we've been reporting on the upcoming movie, LOL, which stars Miley Cyrus. Well, the first trailer to hit the public is here and it's an impressive minute and 45 seconds. We get to learn about Lola -- aka Lol, get it, like the title?! This is the teen girl, played by MC, and we learn that she's wrapping up high school and she apparently gets her heart broken but connects with a new guy in town. Meanwhile, there's some crushing on a teacher from her friend -- however, we did NOT see Ashley Greene as a focus or really at all in the trailer -- who we know was there shooting during production. But you will definitely notice Demi Moore starring as Miley's mom who's just trying to protect her, especially as Lol starts partying and her grades start slipping. But rewind back to the new hottie, it seems like she has fallen just about as hard as you can and you better believe that they wind up flying out to Paris. I mean, that's pretty insane, right?? And ps, if you want to see this trailer, just click the link below. As a reminder, there's no official release date for LOL, but you should know that ClevverTV will keep you posted. So make sure you're following us on Twitter -- that's @ClevverTV. I'm your host Dana Ward and we'll catch ya later. Bye!