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    Jackson Rathbone Talks Breaking Dawn Love Scene


    by ClevverTV

    140 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Breaking Dawn is set to highlight the birds and the bees - Jackson Rathbone is spilling all and we've got the scoop! Hey Twi-hards, Welcome back to ClevverTV - I'm your girl Joslyn Davis, thanks for coming by. Today we have got quite the treat for those of you guys dying for a little something on Breaking Dawn. Deidre Behar from UWire totally hooked us up with juicy news straight from the mouth of Jasper himself. UWire caught up with Jackson Rathbone at the recent Scream Awards where he really opened up about what we are going to see in the fourth Twilight film. Jackson said he's seen the script for Breaking Dawn and although he couldn't say too much he did give away some wild news - in the film we will actually see "How Renesmee gets made!" He says that it's "story about the birds and bees! It's going to be fun!" So this implies that yes, we will be seeing a love scene from Bella and Edward in BD. What we won't be seeing though is any of that sort of action between Jasper and Alice, which Jackson seems pretty disappointed by. In fact J said that "it should just be a montage where you see all the Cullens getting it on!" So hilarious. Jackson even added that he was upset that the films don't show how Alice and Jasper came together. Maybe they'll get a film of their own someday? So lots of scoop on Breaking Dawn - what do you guys think about the love scene that's going to be going down? Let us know and of course stick with ClevverTV for non-stop Twilight saga scoop and make sure to subscribe to our channel on youtube. Thanks again for stopping by and we'll see you next time!