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    Ithihasam Part 5/8 - Classic Malayalam Movie - Prem Nazeer, Soman, Sukumaran


    by RajshriMalayalam

    Gopala Menon (Prem Nazeer) who is a Police Commissioner has two sons and a daughter. Sukumaran who is a lawyer and Raja (Soman) who is a Police Officer. Alexander (Jose Prakash) wants to get back at Menon for arresting him during his younger days. Teepori Thankappan who is Alexander's aide,redeems himself after Menon frees him from the Police Station. Alexander is arrested by the Police for letting a blue film to be shot at his Hotel. To avenge this humiliation he kidnaps Menon's daughter and rapes her. Menon who reaches the spot kills the man who was trying to take her away after his boss was done with her. Raja finds his father's watch on the spot and arrests him. It is proven in the court that Menon is guilty and is sentenced. His daughter commits suicide as she couldn't bear it anymore. Menon runs away from the hands of the Police and seeks revenge. Will he be able to catch the man who destroyed his family. Will his sons reunite and support their father in his cause. Watch this movie to find out.