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    Windsurfing 2013 - People Are Awesome - Best Of by 13Windsurf

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    Windsurfing is awesome!!
    The best windsurfing action from 2013.


    Philip Köster
    Marcilio Browne
    Antoine Albeau
    Gollito Estredo
    Ricardo Campello
    Antoine Martin
    Steven Van Broeckhoven
    Leo Ray
    Balz Müller
    Graham Ezzy
    Antony Ruenes
    Dany Bruch
    Kauli Seadi
    Dieter Van der Eyken
    Cyril Moussilmani
    and more....

    Music Credits:

    Band of Skulls - Fires (Vindata Remix)

    The xx - Angels (dubstep remix by Yashar Gasanov)

    Video Credits:

    1st edit:
    2014 MauiSails Wave&Freestyle range:
    Air Kabikuchi Dieter van der Eyken:
    "Actually" with Adam Lewis:
    Avanti Sails Test - Perth.:
    Avanti Machine M-1:
    BELOW THE SURFACE TRAILER by Andre Paskowski:
    Best Of - Mondial du Vent 2013 (Even Production):
    Bonairean Freestyle Symphonie:
    Boujmaa Guilloul - Wave Trotter [Episode 1: Hawaï]:
    Flat ´n Gusty:
    DISLOCATED - Camille Juban:
    Davy Scheffers ON THE ROAD- Croatia:
    Discharge | Sean O'Brien:
    DEFI WIND 2013 Le Film:
    Highlight Video - PWA Freestyle World Cup Fuerteventura 2013:
    storm cheese:
    slip n`slide:
    surfuerte overdose:
    Graham Ezzy- Writing and The Sea:
    Made in Ocean trailer:
    Marshall Island Windsurfing Exploration:
    Maui Love:
    NB 61 Kiri Thode 2013 KUMA MOVIE:
    NeilPryde Atlas 2014:
    NeilPryde Windsurfing 2014 Collection:
    JP JasonPolakow 2013 Cloudbreak:
    Windsurfing in Ireland - Mission 1 - Red Bull Storm Chase 2013:
    Next Level Windsurfing w/ Philip Köster:
    No handed Backie into Submarine Duck!! :) :
    NSW WARP F2013:
    Philip Koster playing at home:
    Wasabi Philip Köster Cheese Roll to Back Loop | Red Bull:
    Philip Koster pushloop forward:
    The KS3:
    Tourists of The Sea - Episode One - Arroyo Laguna - Kevin Pritchard + Graham Ezzy:
    Windsurf Australia - The Movie:
    W A S:
    WHIPLASH featuring Gollito Estredo:
    Windsurf - Storm Stories:
    Windsurfing legend Robby Naish makes a comeback:
    Youp Schmit - Bonaire Jan013:

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