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    Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open" from The Hunger Games


    by ClevverTV

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    First it was "Safe & Sound," and now Taylor Swift debuts her second Hunger Games Soundtrack song - CLevverTV has the details. The new track is titled "Eyes Open," and the lyrics and vibe of the song fit perfectly with the overall vibe of the book and soon-to-be released movie. Taylor opens the song singing: "Everybody's waiting/Everybody's watching/Even when you're sleeping/Keep your eyes open." Based on those lyrics, we could most definitely see this song being placed during those first scenes in the arena when Katniss is alone and fighting to survive. Later in the song, Taylor sings, "Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown/Everybody's waiting watching to see the fallout/Even when you're sleeping, sleeping/Keep your eyes open." Now, this part of the track is a great dramatic depiction of several other points in the movie and we're wondering what Taylor was inspired by when when she penned these lyrics. We do know that she sees "Safe & Sound" as being a "death lullaby" and we'd love to hear what you think Eyes Open refers to, what Taylor was probably inspired by and most importantly, which point in the movie you think this song will come into play. IF you want to listen to the entire song, click the link below. For updates on The Hunger Games, it's soundtrack and of course Taylor Swift, subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood, thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time!