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    Christopher Nolan Talks 'The Dark Knight Rises'


    by ClevverMovies

    Watch The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Here - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Chris Nolan Talks the Dark Knight! Hey guys, thanks for checking back with us at clevver movies, Your number one source for movie news! Im your host Tatiana carrier with the details behind what Director Christopher Nolan is saying about his last batman flick. . Christopher Nolan sat down exclusively with our friends at Entertainment weekly, and judging by that interview, it seems he couldn't be more proud of The Dark Knight Rises. . The first big question was all about that highly anticipated prologue to be shown before mission impossible ghost proctol...EW asked why in the opening sequence of many of his flicks, the audience is just thrown into the movie, without any build up...nolan said, "My feeling, particularly on an action film, is you want to be thrown into a situation that somehow takes your breath away early in the film." . Now on to the pressures of a prologue being so anxiously awaited for...Nolan said his feelings were less nervous and more excited. He said "I am excited about it. I'm only nervous about it in that the rest of the film isn't finished yet, so we're still in the evolving creative process" . And finally a question that any film maker can benefit from knowing...ew asked about the editing process...does the film come together in the editing room, or is it all already put together in his head before that...he said, "It's always different in the editing room. There's a lot of discovery and a long process of rediscovery." . So my question to you guys that the dark knight rises is just around the corner, and supposedly nolans last go at batman...what would you like to see director Christopher Nolan take on next? Let us know by commenting below and while you're at it, make sure you subscribe to clevver movies, your one stop shop for dark knight news! Thanks for hanging out, we will catch you next time!