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    Justin Bieber Says Selena Gomez Has Kissable Cheeks On The Ellen Show


    by ClevverTV

    Justin Bieber On 'The Ellen Show' - - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey hey ClevverTV peeps! I'm your host Dana Ward and right now we've got the latest on Justin Bieber. He just stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to chat about his Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, but Ellen just couldn't help but ask about his relationship with Selena Gomez. Basically, the host was chatting all about how they kiss a lot in public to which JB said "She has very kissable cheeks." And when Ellen asked Justin if it's easier to not have to hide, he said QUOTE "I feel like... I only live once and it sucks to always have to hide it. So, I mean, I kinda just do me, I guess." And we can't help but tell you about the musician's charitable act that went down on the show. Justin matched the fundraising efforts for a school, so he donated 100-thousand dollars to the kids... and he even promised to stop by the school during the holiday season to perform some acoustic songs. So overall, it was an awesome showing on The Ellen DeGeneres show and if you want to check out the actual clips, just click the link below. And for more stories just like this one, be sure to follow us on Twitter -- that's @clevvertv. I'm Dana Ward in Hollywood and we'll see you later.