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    The Riddle -1.02, Or the one with the skeleton - Pretty in Geek

    Pretty in Geek

    by Pretty in Geek

    Dani gives the group a riddle to master - only no one gets it.

    A tabletop series about gamers, love, and misthrown dice.

    A year in the life of gamers - Dani just wants to run her game. Unfortunately for her the LARPer, thief, mage and bard in her group don't particularly want to help her out.

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    Director: Vivian Lin
    Writer: Elize Morgan
    Producer: Courtney Wolfson
    Production Company:

    Todd Caryl
    Meaghan Fritchley
    Jennifer Krukowski
    Stefne Mercedes
    Elize Morgan

    Original Theme Song By: