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    Far Cry 3: New Island Survival Guide- Introduces Drugs, Psychopaths, & Gambling


    by ClevverGames

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    Hey Guys! How's it going? In case you missed my first story today- I'm wearing a different NFL jersey in each video in honor of the first official day of NFL football.

    Now- onto gaming news. Far Cry 3 released bad ass video today- the Island Survival Guide- which is the 2nd video in their series teaching us more about the dangerous Rook islands. When I say danger- I'm talking about psychopaths, drugs and of course the evil villain Vass Montenegro. If you don't know who he is -- he is the man behind the island destruction- who grows drugs, works for biggest slave trader in southern hemisphere, and kidnaps the hostages.

    We are walked through the survival guide by ex-CIA operative Agent Huntley who gives us a glimpse into the truth about human trafficking and other criminal activities going on the island, with some tips on how to avoid—or actually even use outposts to our advantage .You also get a little back-story on the good Doctor that you met earlier at E3- Doctor Alec Earnheart- who can teach you good recipes, but just to warn you- there may be some side effects. In the guide we learn that hunting, crafting, and poker are good ways to earn cash. Ultimately, you will need guns, a good doctor, and cash to stay alive and eventually go head to head against Vass and his men.

    If you want to learn more- you can watch the full Survival Guide right here on Clevver Games. So, are you worried about making it through the game or do you think this survival guide has you covered? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Until next time, I'm Hailey Bright and thanks for watching Clevver Games.