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    Martin Luther (Stacy Keach) had many complaints about the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. In this portrait of personality and issues; he founds a rival religious movement that sweeps over parts of the future countries of Germany and the Scandinavian areas. His opposition to religious rule as infallible in the 1400s begins to spawn more deeply held political movements that Luther did not expect; nor support. Showing him as a young and uncomfortable cleric; Luther has conflicts with his father (Patrick Magee). With his new supportive wife Katherine (Judi Dench); the former Augustinian monk begins his Reformation of the era; despite arguments and pleas from the Pope’s emissary (Alan Badel).

    Year : 1973
    Director : Guy Green
    Actors : Patrick Magee as Hans, Stacy Keach as Martin Luther, Peter Cellier as Prior, Judi Dench as Katherine, Maurice Denham as Johann Von Staupitz, Julian Glover as The Knight, Alan Badel as Cardinal Thomas de Vio, Hugh Griffith as Tetzel, Leonard Rossiter as Weinand, Robert Stephens as von Eck