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    Smell Like The Avengers


    by ClevverMovies

    448 views - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! NOW YOU CAN SMELL LIKE THE AVENGERS!!! Thanks so much for tuning into clevver movies, Im your host Tatiana carrier with the latest scent to hit the world...oh yes, you heard me...the avengers are being bottled up for your smelling pleasures! . In anticipation of Joss Whedon's upcoming superhero ensemble flick, a line of Avengers-themed fragrances have been assembled. So without any further hesitation, lets run down these delightful odors... . "Mark VII combines mandarin and jasmine layered with light patchouli to create a contemporary expression of "I don't play well with others" confidence." Iron man and mandarin...totally makes sense... . "Patriot" has Fresh notes of green lime and white pepper are the first to hit with dry oak wood, sandalwood and tequila accords finishing the adventure."...Because nothing screams Captain AMerica like a lime-pepper-tequila pie with a sandalwood crust. . Smash! Is made with Yuzu, bergamot and tarragon create clean, clear top notes along with unexpected accords of water lily and nutmeg...because CLEARLY nothing says I will pulverize you HULK style like waterlilly and nutmeg. . Worthy has Basenotes that are possessed with sensual, seductive tones of dark amber and cedarwood, protecting and enhancing a deep, dry masculine ... God-like musk...I feel like that description needs to be rated R...ofcourse we are talking THOR here... . Mischief: is lokis scent... There's no description of this frangereance, however, I'm assuming it smells like stephaun urkel...circa 1997. Maybe only for the pure fact that I wanted to make a Stefan urkel ref...but lets just go with it. . So which of these scents are you??????? Let us know by commenting below and be sure to keep it locked right here on clevver movies, Your number one source for the top stories in news...and ofcourse, stories like this...thanks for hanging out, we will catch you next time!