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    Gladiator SAND

    Tom Kiesche

    by Tom Kiesche

    If you can't laugh at yourself, you're missing at least half of the jokes - Tom Kiesche

    The other day the producers of Warrior Showdown 2 asked me to come into the studio to record an interview of my experience of what it was like to play the Gladiator in Gladiator vs. Geisha Assassin

    A "funny thing" I failed to remember while interviewed was about the pre-fight solo footage. Each Warrior was to improvise something that could be cut into a "VOTE FOR..." promo video. I had nothing in mind EXCEPT, "Don't pick up the sand. Don't pick up the sand." Like I've seen done in EVERY gladiator movie. But there was nothing but SAND... So, of course, what did I do.?

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