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    Wonders Of The Billabong

    FLIXU Movies

    by FLIXU Movies

    Ever since Banjo Patterson’s song became famous, the billabong is an icon of Australia. It’s really a river cut off, when a river changes its course and leaves a banana shaped stretch of water that becomes land locked over time, and turns into a tranquil lagoon - a billabong. For this, Ben selects the best billabong he has seen just outside Litchfield National Park in Northern Territory. This tropical billabong swarms with life. Filming in HD, Ben captures its pristine scenic beauty, amazing wildlife, their specialized behavior and the drama of predator verses prey that is a daily upheaval in what appears a tranquil lagoon. In its waters lurk many crocodiles, both dangerous saltwater and harmless fresh water species, They prey on the many catfish, barramundi, turtles and file snakes of this billabong. There are other lizards too - water dragons that feed on smaller prey. Above is the prolific bird life - pelicans, osprey eagles, cormorant, darters - all capable of diving and capturing the fish of the billabong. This permanent water hole attracts the land creatures - the dingo, wallaby, wild pig and buffalo. For the lord of the billabong - the crocodile, their visit to the billabong is a chance meal. Ben captures on film, the great croc stalking and taking a wallaby and wild pig. The HD film captures the beauty and drama above and below the water of this uniquely Australian icon.