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    Walking Dead ep 2 Review


    by ClevverGames

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    Telltale's The Walking Dead game came out in April this year to critical acclaim, taking a decidedly darker tone compared to the rest of Tell Tale's library. The format played off of Tell Tale's puzzle solving while managing to retain the tension and fear that drives the comics, the show, and zombie games in general. So does Episode 2 hold up to the high standards set by the first one, or will you just be wishing that the living dead would eat your console and then your brain? Let's find out.
    We pick up with Lee and the rest of the survivors where they holed up at the end of Episode 1 in the Motor Inn. It's been three months, and everyone is pretty much a week away from starving to death. The coolest part of the series thus far is how your decisions from the previous episode have affected how the story plays out in the current one. Different characters will be in everyone's story depending on who they saved in the past, which will have different implications for how your story plays out. For instance, in my story Doug is still with us, and because he's an engineer he's been able to rig up this nifty alarm system.
    The real action starts in episode 2 when some unsuspecting survivors happen upon your camp and you and everyone else get whisked away to a dairy farm where you're promised all of the food that you can eat, and the safety of a... jankily rigged electric fence. Now, I know what you guys are thinking, besides is jankily a word, we're seriously going to end up on another farm? I can't say too much without giving anything away, but what I will say is that what goes down on the farm makes your stay well worth it... from a horror standpoint anyway. It's hard to talk too much about the story without spoiling some minor details, so if you don't want to hear any more I recommend turning off this video right now.
    Now because the mechanics are the exact same, the only thing we can really review here is the story and the story of this episode is quite intriguing. Without giving too much away, the Walkers themselves are of a secondary concern. The majority of the drama in this installment stems from your interactions with other survivors, from crazed bandits to insane loners, to the new friends you make on the farm. A large part of the episode is spent discovering whether or not the farm is a viable place to hole up for a while, and if you can trust the current residents. Trying not to say too much, this episode definitely amps up the violence, and the disturbing factor, and silences all critics that were worried that Tell Tale wouldn't take the game where it needs to go to have the impact that a Walking Dead game should have.
    "Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help" is a definite step up from Episode 1 of the series. Not to say the first episode wasn't good, but it was largely setup, and there's definitely way more action in this installment to hold even the most ADD player's attention. It still has the loading and minor graphical glitches of the first episode, but these seem to matter less as what you're watching on screen is way more impactful. This episode will last you about two hours, but for five dollars, and with the added incentive of playing again to check out the consequences of alternate decisions, the length is adequate. I give The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help, a 9 out of 10. For more news, reviews, and much more be sure to keep it locked right here to Clevver Games.

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