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    DLC of the Day: MLB Bobblehead Pros


    by ClevverGames

    25 views - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us! Welcome back to Clevver Games everyone I'm Andrea Rene here with the DLC of the Day. Our downloadable feature comes from Konami and Major League Baseball. It's summer time and that means peanuts, beers, and the diamond! And if you can't make it to the ballpark but want some fun swinging action you should check out MLB Bobblehead Pros. . The first thing you'll notice is that all the players are Bobbleheads! And even though they look funny, the game takes some serious baseball knowledge and skill. You'll see thirty teams are featured with players wearing home and road jerseys, plus you'll get to step up to the plate in 30 different stadiums. . You can pick your favorite team and play through an entire season to try and win the pennant, or if you're looking for a quick match you can go online and play against new opponents. One hundred and 62 games is quite a commitment but just think of how good you'll be by the end! . There is a plan to release DLC over the summer like the MLB Bobblehead Stars pack and the All-Star Game in mid-July. Plus keep a look out for MLB Bobblehead Battle that features a batting battle out later this year. If you want to check out the Bobblehead action head over to the Xbox Live Arcade and download the game for 800 Microsoft Points. It will be available on the Playstation Network sometime in the future, but Konami has not specified a release date. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @clevvergames and I'll keep you updated! Thanks for watching, I'm Andrea Rene and I'll see you next time.