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    Lesa Lesa Full Movie Comedy


    by apinternationalfilms

    Lesa Lesa Tamil Movie

    Starring: Shaam, Trisha, Madhavan, Vivek, Radharavi, Innocent & others
    Directed by: Priyadarshan
    Music by: Harris Jayaraj

    Shaam is a real life rich guy. He has lots of money, but no relations to share it with. His friend Vivek has frittered away his grandfather's money. When his grandfather visits him he requests Shaam's help to pose as the owner of all those riches for the duration of the grandfather's stay. The grandfather arrives with his five daughters in tow and Shaam finds him constantly quarrelling with the eldest daughter Trisha. Shaam and Trisha finally fall in love. The rest of the drama has a twist in tale with Trisha's past and unfolds a new character in the story leading to the climax.