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    Jennifer Aniston dumps John Mayer over his Twitter habit


    by ClevverTV

    Jennifer Aniston dumps John Mayer over his Twitter habit? Welcome to Clevver TV. I'm Dana Ward in studio with the latest info on a major Hollywood breakup. It seemed that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer had been chugging along - doing their romance thing - until their on-and-off-again relationship came to a screetching halt. Among media stories and guesses about why they're currently OFF, we've got the most interesting theory yet. The heartbreak can all be blamed on Twitter. Well, at least according to people claiming to be Jen's BFFs, the 40-year-old actress called it quits with Mayer because he reportedly always said he was too busy to get in touch with her, but instead was spending all of his waking hours on Twitter. So the gossip IS NOT that John said or did anything bad online, it was apparently just that the 31-year-old was too darn obsessed with the microblogging service. So the question is, is this a good a reason for Jen and Mayer to break it off? Where do you think they're heading? AND, What do you think about Twitter? Has it totally taken over your life, or does it still confuse you? Let us know your Twitter stories by leaving a comment below. From everyone at Clevver TV, I'm Dana Ward - thanks for watching!