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    'Premium Rush' Review Round-Up


    by ClevverMovies

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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt made a splash earlier this summer in Christopher Nolan's final Batman film and he's now ready to take the lead in one of the last action movies of the summer, Premium Rush.

    In the film, JGL plays a New York City bike messenger who picks up an envelope that peaks the interest of a dirty cop. He must use his cycling skills to outrun the bad guys and figure out what exactly he's carrying and why it's so important. Okay, sounds like the plot of a bad 80's movie, but you can't deny the screen presence of Gordon-Levitt and most critics praised the movie star for his performance. Richard Corliss from Time Magazine found him so appealing that he was able to suspend his disapproval of the character and go with the flow calling the film an "economy high".

    JGL isn't the only high-point either. The Associated Press praised co-star Michael Shannon as the dirty cop saying he steals the film and gives the movie an authentic New York flavor comparing him to the great Christopher Walken.

    The real draw to the film are the intense action scenes, and boy does it deliver. Roger Ebert called it a "breakneck chase movie", while Bob Mondello from NPR called it "a pretty decent end-of-summer adrenaline rush".

    Of course, not everyone is going to be keen on a movie like this and there are a few haters out there. Barbara VanDenburgh from the Arizona Republic called the film "the new king of brainless chase flicks" while Peter Travers called the stunts "fearless", but unbelievable.

    With summer at an end and the big fall movies still weeks away, Premium Rush seems like it should be a fun ride. Definitely one I'm planning to check out this weekend, but what about you? Will you be taking Premium Rush for a spin or do you prefer your chase scenes on four wheels? Let us know in the comments and be sure to let us know what you thought of the film if you do see it. After all, you are our favorite critics.

    I'm erin darling, stay tuned for more movie news at Clevver Movies!