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    Swarnapakshigal Part 4/9 - Classic Malyalam Movie - Sukumaran, Sreekumar


    by RajshriMalayalam

    Balu (Sukumaran) and Raju (Sreekumar) are best friends. Raju works with Balu. Raju is a teetotaler while Balu has his indulgences. Devi (Swapna) joins the office and with time she and Raju start liking each other. Balu though has other intentions. When Balu asks for Raju's help in taking her to his lodge and taking advantage of her, he gets in to a fight with Balu. Raju tells Balu about his relationship with Devi. Balu is guilty for his misbehaviour and promises Raju that he will get him married to Radha. Radha's father disapproves and suddenly Devi goes away. Raju is heart broken and becomes an alcoholic. Balu tries to help him and takes him home. Balu's sister Lakshmi's (Jalaja) marriage is called off and Raju blames himself for it and leaves the house. But Lakshmi wants to marry Raju and he agrees. They get married and are leading a happy life and one day Radha returns. Will Raju leave his wife and go back to his old love? Why did Radha coem back after so long? Watch the rest of the movie to find out.