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    Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Day


    by ClevverGames

    123 views - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us! LINK: 3DS owners unite! Nintendo has launched their Meetup Everywhere program. I've got the details right here on Clevver Games. . Hello everyone! Andrea Rene here to talk about Nintendo's latest invention the Meetup Everywhere program. It is an online community portal that helps 3DS owners connect with each other. If you are one of the lucky people who own a 3DS then you know all about the StreetPass feature that allows you to interact with other 3DS owners out in the wild. . The StreetPass function allows players to exchange information like Miis, game stats, or special features like seen when your characters fight against each other in Super Street Fighter IV. In an effort to promote the feature, Nintendo has declared June 25th to be StreetPass Day. . They are hoping to get people from different cities around the world involved and are encouraging 3DS owners to reach out to each other. You can check out their meetup site by clicking the link in the story info below. It appears as though Nintendo isn't officially endorsing StreetPass meetups, but instead just providing a forum for users to exchange friend codes and meet one another. . Seems like not such a bad idea. Way to take initiative Nintendo! Any 3DS owners out there? Plan on meeting up with people for the StreetPass Day? Do you even use the feature? Let me know by leaving a comment below, and thanks for watching Clevver Games. To hear about the latest Nintendo news be sure to follow us on Twitter @clevvergames. I'm Andrea Rene and I'll see you guys next time.