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    Stefan Back in Mystic Falls -- 'The Vampire Diaries' Recap


    by ClevverTV

    146 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! ClevverTV has the run-down on the high drama that went down on the Vampire Diaries last night. I'm your fellow-fan Joslyn Davis with hot high lights. First up -- let's talk about Jeremy's love situation -- I would call it a love triangle but at this point it's looking more like a square. His actual girlfriend Bonnie returns to town, just in time for him to really start reconnecting with his dead vampire ex-girlfriend Anna. And get this guys, the only reason that Anna can even become visible to Jeremy is because he's thinking about her -- so every time Jeremy thinks about her, she pops up -- and yes she does pop up a bunch when Jeremy is supposed to be totally into his girlfriend Bonnie and thinking about her. Odd. Towards the end of the episode, Jeremy gets aggressive, and totally closes Anna out -- super sad moment. Stefan's drama is heating up and after a series of developments with the necklace he's keeping a secret, and a really close call, guess who saves the day? Oh yeah, Katherine. Don't get us wrong, we're glad she saved Stefan, but we all know she's not to be trusted. Stefan refuses to let her in on his plan, but he does tell her that he's going to start searching for the vampire hunter that Klaus is running from. So who does Katherine decide to team up with instead -- ah yes, Damon. Damon's still bummed out that more than one person has told him to simmer down. We think he's particularly upset when Alaric gets all older-brother protective about Damon's budding relationship with Elena. So long story short, Damon is planning to become Katherine's new partner in crime, while Stefan gets caught in his plan to foil Klaus's take-over and guess what happens then...Klaus takes Stefan right into the heart of the drama -- Mystic Falls. And it looks like a ton of insanity is going to go down next week, and Stefan might have to feed on Elena -- but will he be able to stop before he kills her? Well, that's the question. Now we want the answer from you guys. Hit the comments section to fill us in on what you thought of this episode and also help us predict what's going to go down next! For more TVD scoop, stick with us by heading over to and hitting the like button. I'm Joslyn Davis -- we'll see you next time right here on ClevverTV!