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    Vampire Diaries Cast Update: Isobel


    by ClevverTV

    123 views - Follow Us! More drama on Vampire Diaries-somebody else got the axe-help us pick the mystery killer up next! Hey guys-I'm Joslyn Davis for ClevverTV-coming to you from our studio in Beverly Hills. Fans of Vampire Diaries are starting to get used to big characters either dying, becoming vampires, or sometimes even doing both. Well, from what we hear, a new character is joining the cast, but this time it's all different. Sources are confirming that actress Mia Kirshner, who you may remember from shows like 24 and The L Word, is joining the cast of Vampire Diaries. She will play Isobel, who is the wife of Matt Davis' character Alaric. So while you might be thinking that this lady should start protecting herself from the mayhem in the vampire-infested town, we're hearing that won't be a problem for Isobel, because she's already dead. Apparently she'll only be appearing in a series of on-going flashback scenes. But here is where things get really juicy-guess who killed her? Sadly, we don't have the exact answer, but according to eonline, Isobel died at the hands of a main character we already know. So if you break down the options, there are really only two choices-was Isobel's killer Stephan or Damon? Who are you banking on? And why is Alaric back???? We know he's a vampire but do we feel another revenge plot coming on? So many questions to answer-help us out in the comments section. And stick with us at ClevverTV for on-going coverage of Vampire Diaries and all the other shows you love. I'm Joslyn Davis-have a great day!