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    'Pretty Little Liars' -- 'A' Confession


    by ClevverTV

    453 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey Hey Pretty Little Liars Fans! How's it going? Joslyn Davis here in Hollywood from our ClevverTV studios and I've got some major news about an upcoming episode. Well we just got our hands on a promo pic from an episode set to air on August 23rd entitled "I Must Confess", and while we can't tell much from the photo, we know the confession is huge! The girls finally decide to break their silence and tell someone about "A"! So now we have all sorts of new questions. Who did they decide to tell? And why now? Did Hannah spill the beans to newly rekindled Caleb? Did Spencer tell Melissa in hopes of getting her help after Ian's death and planted suicide note? Did Emily tell her mom after a scare that ended her in the hospital? Or did Aria tell Jason in hopes of becoming closer to him and finding out what really happened to Alison? All I can say is I'm lost, but completely excited to keep tuning in to see what happens, and also a little scared because we all know what happens when A thinks someone knows too much. But what do you guys think? Who did they tell and what do you think will happen now that someone else knows about the menace of Rosewood? Leave your comments below and make sure to head on over to our facebook page and click like to stay updated on all you Pretty Little Liar news. I'm Joslyn Davis for ClevverTv and we'll catch you guys next time!