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    Glee-Cap: Season 3, Episode 4 "Pot Of Gold"


    by ClevverMusic

    1 204 views - Facebook Fan Page! - Click to Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Hey Gleeks! You're watching ClevverMusic. I'm Bridget Daly with your Glee-Cap from episode 4 Pot of Gold. The episode opened with the adorable new Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan played by Damien McGinty, who immediately started crushing on Brittany, who thought he was a leprechaun. Meanwhile, Quinn starts convincing Puck that they need to try and get their baby back...step one: offer to babysit. This is where things get crazy—Quinn plants things like hot sauce and baby sacrificing books around the house to try and get child protective services to come and take the baby away from Shelby. As for Sue, she's busy lobbying to get all arts programs shut down, and principal Figgins agrees to cancel the musical due to the high cost. So Will fights back, and asks the New Directions for help raising money by selling ads in the program so the show goes on. Kurt's dad becomes so inspired that he decides to run against Sue in the race! Meanwhile, Mercedes recruits Santana for her all girl group, promising more solos, and the impressionable Brittany follows suit. Puck then decides he's not on Quinn's side, and shows up to Shelby's house to get rid of all the things Quinn planted there. He sings Beth a lullabye on his guitar, and it looks like things might be starting to heat up between him and Shelby. Back at McKinley, Finn takes Rory under his wing, and brings him into Glee club—everyone is mesmerized by his voice...except for Kurt, who rolls his eyes. We're thinking this will turn into something more next week, along with all the drama that will likely unfold with Mercedes, Brittany and Santana being gone. What did you think of this episode? Let us know, and to see more pics, visit our Facebook page, and browse the photo gallery. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, see ya next time.