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    Liam Hemsworth Talks Miley and Dancing with the Stars


    by ClevverTV

    93 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Liam Hemsworth is a star in his own right now. ClevverTV will tell you what he has to say about Miley and Dancing with the Stars up next. Hi guys. I'm Joslyn Davis in the studio with a Liam H update. Miam has basically taken over the entertainment world. Their new movie is sure to make big bucks at the box office, and while it's all very exciting for Miley Cyrus, the person who's really getting the exposure of a lifetime is Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. In a recent interview Liam admitted that more and more people aren't just asking for pictures with Miley - they want a snapshot with him too! In his words, "it's starting to get really crazy." He's even got fans close to home also. His friends from down under are giving him praise for his romantic drama with Miley, which L says he definitely didn't expect. We're guessing his new found fame will lead to lots of opportunities for bigger roles. One thing Liam is likely to say NO to? That would be Dancing with the Stars. His older brother Chris competed on the Aussie version of the show, but Liam says he'll "leave the dancing" to his older bro." According to LH, he's "a terrible dancer [and] couldn't even be taught how to dance." Pretty funny - I wonder if Miley could give him a dancing lesson or two...just a thought... That does it for our Liam update. Follow us on twitter - that's @ClevverTV for more juicy updates. I'm Joslyn Davis, have a great day!