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    Observe & Report: DVD Pick of the Week


    by ClevverMovies

    If you, like a whole lot of people, saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop, then you know how lighthearted and funny the tales of a mall security guard who was way too overzealous could be. But what you may not have considered is how rapidly it could have turned dark. And Observe and Report, featuring Seth Rogen, is going to show you in almost horrifying detail just where Paul Blart could have gone if he'd felt like it. Observe and Report follows the bipolar head of mall security, Ronnie Barnhardt, as he leads a crusade against the newest threat to his mall, a flasher. In the meantime, he'll have to deal with an actual cop, his own disastrous love life, and his deepest desire, to become one of those actual cops themselves. But faced with hardships from without and even betrayal from within, Ronnie's going to have a whole lot of trouble trying to take this flasher down. Check out the trailer! It's really rather interesting to put Observe and Report alongside one of our earlier picks, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, because the two are so clearly similar, only diverging in terms of their approach to the same material. So are you game to watch the darker, nastier, more adult version of Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Or did seeing it once already curb your appetite for mall security misadventures? Hit the comments section below and tell us what you think! Thanks for watching! Observe & Report Cast: Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Michael Pena, Ray Liotta, Jesse Plemons Observe & Report movie trailer courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures. Observe & Report is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Observe & Report is directed by Jody Hill.