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    Christopher Nolan Talks 'Man of Steel' & 'Justice League'


    by ClevverMovies

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    Christopher Nolan talks Man of Steel and the radical ending to The Dark
    Knight Rises. Now that Nolan is done with Batman, many are wondering what
    superhero properties, more specifically what DC superhero properties are in
    the filmmaker's future. Well the guys over at IndieWire's The Playlist were
    lucky enough to score some one on one time with the master himself and ask
    him just that.

    First up in his near future is executive producing Zack Snyder's superman
    reboot, and while it does seem to resemble the grounded, realistic tone
    from Nolan's batman series...Nolan says Man of Steel won't bare as much
    similarity to his batman franchise as his fans may think. Quote "Superman
    is a completely different character than Batman. So you can' anyway use
    the same template." Nolan goes on to suggest the scale and scope of Man of
    Steel is larger than anything we saw with his Bruce Wayne. Quote "Superman
    is the biggest comic book character of them all and he needs the biggest
    possible movie version...which is what Zack's doing."

    Nolan also took a moment to acknowledge the backlash surrounding the ending
    of the dark knight rises. Some fans found the ending of Nolan's trilogy
    uncharacteristic of the Batman we've come to know from the comics, and
    while Nolan agrees it may have seemed radical to some it was quote "an
    appropriate ending for the story we set out to tell."

    So what about producing a Justice League movie? When The Playlist compared
    him to Joss Whedon and asked if he would take on a similar role like the
    Avenger's writer-director did, and become the godfather of future film
    collaborations between DC Comics and Warner Brothers...nolan giggled. Its
    hard to tell if Nolan's done with the superhero genre as a he
    danced around the question by saying quote I'm producing superman now and
    I'm enjoying time off and taking a break. Well as far as we can tell that's
    not an outright NO. Then again, Nolan may end up shifting his gaze to a
    bond he's expressed interested in that franchise for quite some

    Well if you're already missing Nolan's bat-verse, you can pick up a copy of
    The Dark Knight Rises and the entire trilogy on blue stores now. So
    do you see Nolan becoming the Joss Whedon of DC..or do you also find that
    comparison laughable? And which superhero properties would be perfect for
    Nolan's next project? Sound off in the comments below and keep it locked
    right here for more superhero news. I'm Simone Boyce in Hollywood and
    thanks for watching.