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    Rebecca Black "Friday" Surpasses Justin Bieber at No. 69 on iTunes


    by ClevverMusic

    147 views - Click to Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Rebecca Black's popularity continues to soar. Guys, you won't believe where her song "Friday" is sitting pretty on iTunes right now. Stay tuned. Friday, Friday, Friday!!!! Hey guys, Bridget Daly here for ClevverMusic,I'm truly sorry, but I just cannot stop singing this freaking Friday song! Love it or hate it, the Rebecca Black original is currently at number 69 on the iTunes top 100. Seriously, just one day after debuting on the charts, the song has been slowly climbing up and creeping past some legitimate tracks. Rebecca seems to be pretty excited about her sudden rise to fame, and if we're to believe it's really her Twitter account, she wrote out a quote that one of her fans had said, which read, ""Forget Bieber fever, I have the Black Plague" hahahaha - made my day." The question remains though...who IS this chick?! All we know is she's 13-years old and was plucked from anonymity by a company named ARK Music Factory, which classify themselves as a Community, Music/Entertainment Channel and Independent Record Label based in Los Angeles, California. We're dying to hear what you think about Rebecca, about Friday, and the cultural phenomenon this 13-year-old has created. So please tweet us @ClevverMusic, or leave a comment below! More music news to come! I'm Bridget Daly, wishing it was Friday.