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    Jackie Chan Joins 'The Expendables 3'


    by ClevverMovies

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    It's official! Jackie Chan joins the Expendables three. At a press conference for his upcoming action flick CZ12, Jackie Chan explains he'll finally make his Expendables debut in the planned third installment...something he and Sylvester Stallone have been trying to coordinate for quite some time. When Sly originally asked Chan to star in
    the Expendables 2, he was too busy and had to decline. Quote, "He did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes." Well Chan got his wish and is officially signed on for more than just a few scenes in The Expendables three. In fact, he seems to have a pretty big hand in shaping the tone of the film. Per Jackie Chan's request, this next installment of the expendables could be more of a two-hander buddy movie, set against the backdrop of an explosive ensemble cast. So what about the long rumored Rush Hour 4? We previously reported that co-star Chris Tucker was game for another go-round and producer Arthur Sarkissian already had a plot in mind, the only piece missing was Chan's commitment to return. Chan recently made comments stating he's not a fan of the Rush Hour franchise, but he hasn't turned his back on the idea of a 4th film completely. He is currently developing another buddy movie called Skip Tracer, that is currently in the hands of Tucker and could become Rush Hour 4. Chan did say he thinks three films was enough though and admits Skip Tracer would benefit from a new actor and a fresh start. This all comes after Jackie Chan declared he would retire after he completed CZ12. But here's what the legendary stunt master had to say about that. "CZ12" will be my last big action movie. I won't be able to complete every stunt myself now and will probably relax a bit in that area by using CG effects in the future. But I will never quit movies." Jackie Chan also joins Nicolas Cage as a fellow new inductee to the
    all-star Expendables club, and I would love to be a fly on the wall to watch that hazing process. Sylvester Stallone will no doubt lead us on another action-filled romp with even more star power when the Expendables 3 hits theatres, and we'll be sure to keep you up to date with more casting news as we hear it. From Hollywood, I'm Simone Boyce and thanks for watching.