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    The Vampire Diaries S2 Ep.14: Crying Wolf


    by ClevverTV

    37 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! We've got the episode recap for The Vampire Diaries. Stay tuned. Hey TVD fans. We've got the latest episode recap for "Crying Wolf' and it definitely involves some lies and secrets. First up, the pieces of the puzzle are getting put together. The wolves believe that the vampires are putting everything in place to break the sun and moon curse and they decide they'll do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. This is the one that if the vampires break it, they can walk during the day and if the werewolves break it, they can turn whenever they want. So Tyler steals Caroline's phone and figures out that Elena -- lucky Miss Doppleganger -- is going to the lakehouse, a place that she has to invite Stefan into. They find a secret area stocked with vampire-fighting weapons. Freaky! Meanwhile, there's an entire historical society luncheon with Elijah as the main visitor and all of the other vampires are suspicious about what's going on. We get to see the utter strength of Elijah when Damon kinda goes after him at this historical society luncheon. And then D gets attacked by the wolves and wakes up in a torture device and those wolves want the moonstone. It's his lucky day, huh? Uncle John is still stirring up things... and Bonnie has Luka in a compromising position to find out why he's working with Elijah. We realize that Klous has Luka's sister in captivity. We find out that killing Klous can really only happen AFTER the sacrifice of Elena when the vampire is vulnerable. When Tyler gets filled in on the truth, Elena forgives him. She is just so sweet! Mid torture, Elijah shows up with the moonstone and winds up killing a bunch of wolves and tells D that he's saved his life three times. Bonnie and Jeremy get close. You can tell that Tyler feels pretty bad about what's gone down and he winds up leaving town... at least that's what it seems like. We'll have to see what happens next on The Vampire Diaries, so be sure to follow us on Twitter -- that's @ClevverTV. I'm Dana Ward at the studio. See you soon!