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    Joe Jonas Plays 'Would You Rather...'


    by ClevverTV

    ClevverTV's 1 Minute Hot Seat: - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hello ClevverTV peeps. Welcome back to the show. I'm your host Dana Ward with the latest from Hollywood. This story goes out to Joe Jonas followers as the star recently played a fun, little game of Would You Rather with I Heart Radio. So the star had to pick 'this or that' and here's what he had to say. JJ would rather live without his computer because he's on his cellphone a lot and he'd choose to see no more versus hear no more because of his love for music. When Joe got asked if he would use Kevin or Nick as a lifeline -- ya know for a Who Wants to be a Millionaire type of show -- he almost said Nick, but fully stated Kevin, adding it's because his older bro is the trivia master. The next major Q? Permanent Cheeto fingers or permanent bad breath? That was an easy one for the JoBro: orange fingertips it is. Hey Joe, who's sexy now, would you rather be 4 feet tall or 8 feet tall? He quickly said 8 feet tall, definitely. As far as being featured on Survivor or The Apprentice, the artists said Survivor really interests him and he actually offered up his services if there's a celeb edition. Apparently, he's already eaten sautéed cow brains because he picked that dish over fried spiders. And when it comes to getting stuck on an elevator with stinky dogs or with crying babies, he opted for his furry friends. So that is all of the interesting dish from the i Heart Radio segment. Let us know if you're surprised by any of Joe's Would You Rather answers by posting below. And remember to check out our 1 Minute Hot Seat where we put a bunch of Hollywood stars and ask these same 'this or that' questions while the clock ticks away. The link is below in our info section. Thanks again for checking out ClevverTV. I'm Dana Ward, see you soon!