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    Glee Cap: "Makeover" 4x03 Recap


    by ClevverMusic

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    It's all about makeovers on last night's episode of Glee

    I'm Erin Darling, welcome back to Clevver Music, here's your weekly Glee Cap!

    The third episode of season 4 kicks off with Blaine deciding it's time to shine, as he decides to sign up for pretty much every extracurricular activity ever as he sings a new version of 80's hit, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World."

    Sarah Jessica Parker makes her Glee debut as Isabelle Kempt, Kurt's mentor at Vogue. Kind of like Anna Wintour minus the fashion diva attitude. Racheland Kurt take advantage of his new position at Vogue and they raid the couture vault for some new designer outfits. Isabelle catches them breaking in, but doesn't mind. What true fashionista would stop a makeover in progress? After trading in her sweaters and socks for sexy skirts and stilettos, Rachel is looking fabulous from head to toe. Brody tells her that now what's on the outside matches what's on the inside. Although Rachel seems to brush off his compliments, they duet to "A Change Would Do You Good" while prancing through the streets of NYC.

    Men, if you learn anything from episode, it's that compliments are the way to a girl's heart. Rachel offers to cook dinner for Brody as a special first date. But, after a kitchen nightmare, they end up just ordering pizza. The night ends with a kiss after Brody tells Rachel they're "just friends" proving that men will always be confusing...even on TV shows.

    Senior year is heating up at MicKinley High with elections around the corner. Brittany chooses Artie as her running mate for Senior Class President and Blaine decides to throw his hat in the ring and run against Brittany with Sam as his VP! The Blaine vs. Britt battle ends with Blaine winning the popular vote and becoming McKinley's first "gay guy president."

    So what was your favorite makeover moment in episode 3? Tell us in the comments, and stay tuned for more Glee Caps!

    I'm Erin Darling, and you're watching Clevver Music!