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    Kelly Joe Phelps - Not so far to go

    Bry An

    par Bry An

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    ginger dyed her hair red to fit her name
    burny pocked his arms with a pack of camel lights
    long sleeves outdoors to keep the kids from crying
    and ginger climbed the high wire just to make them cheer.

    trapeze float in a buttercup parade
    with clowns and plastic parachutes three red the same
    clutched arms fire dropped in a bar in new york city
    and it's not so far to go to find trouble.

    a bus rattles downstairs, downtown flying
    with a gren seat empty and a window cracked
    sleeping john snores dreaming oceans and whores
    all the while gluing tile on basement doors.

    he's burny arms brother, 'ginger's' other mate
    and it's too late to tap the till, the money's gone
    arm holes long locks a house with nothing in it
    and it's not so far to go to find trouble.

    a thousand mile handhold might keep the party still
    if the holes heal well and the hair stays red
    we'll climb another roof top and scare the crooks away
    a gypsy and a singer in the bone yard.