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    Craig Uncut - Director's Edition

    FLIXU Movies

    by FLIXU Movies

    Craig is a lonely, somewhat awkward, young man trying to recover from the loss of both his parents in a disastrous fire. Aside from his childhood friend, Cliff, he loses everyone he knows in one devastating blow. And Cliff, isn't much help; he has his own problems to deal with. Daily doses of Lithium are not much help either and one final day he loses his precious pills, as well as his mind, as things slowly, but surely, take a turn for the worse. The voices inside his head start getting louder and louder resulting in a murderous rampage against the women who Craig feels have wronged him. Craig is the directorial debut of Kim Sønderholm, who also plays the role as the main Character Craig. Supported by a prime stable of actors such as: Lloyd Kaufman, Manoush, Merete van Kamp, Ian Burns, Peter Ottesen, Christian Magdu, Claire Ross-Brown, Anja Owe, Jan Tjerrild, Alice Haaber, Barbara Zatler, Russ Diaper, Lars Bjarke and Celebrity Top Model Sarah Louise Christiansen.