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    'Pretty Little Liars' Recap -- 'Save The Date'


    by ClevverTV

    97 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hi everyone! How's it going? Coming at you from our Hollywood headquarters, I'm Dana Ward with the latest Pretty Little Liars episode recap. It's titled "Save the Date" and right off the bat, Hanna's seemingly "on the up" family gets turned upside down when a save the date wedding invitation for Hanna's dad comes in the mail, after he spends the night. A big focus for the girls involves trying to figure out Officer Garrett's connection to Jenna and their questions are answered when he heads into Jenna's house and let's just say they get oh-so-close. Emily collapses and we find out that she has an ulcer and gets hospitalized. Luckily her dad is in-town visiting, but it's a shocker when she tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs -- yep, it was in her muscle cream. Meanwhile, Wren is back for a rotation in Rosewood, and Spencer wants to get to the bottom of it all, by sneaking around the hospital with Aria to find Allison's autopsy. Based on the report, they think Allison was hit in the head with the field hockey stick and buried alive. Garrett and Jenna discuss how the girls are questioning if Ian killed Alison, and Jenna says they need to take care of this. What does that mean?! In fact, it seems like there might be some questions surrounding Jason DiLaurentis... not just related to Allison's death but Ezra straight up asks if he should be worried about Aria and "this Jason guy." Hanna warns Caleb about an undercover cop, and literally tells the man to get out of town. At the end of "Save the Date" we find out that page 5 of the autopsy is totally missing. Um, where did it go and what does it say? The creepster at the end of ever ep is hiding/pretending to be dead under a sheet in the hospital and it makes us wonder if he or she was there the entire time that Spencer and Aria were in the room reading the autopsy report. Creeeeepy. Alright, so that's the recap for "Save the Date" -- what are your thoughts? And did any happenings throw you for a loophole? Let us know right here, and be sure to hit us up at by clicking LIKE. I'm Dana Ward for ClevverTV and we'll see you later, bye!