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    Sylvester Stallone Not Directing "The Expendables 2"


    by ClevverMovies

    133 views - Follow Us! So Expendables 2 was bound to happen after all the success of the first flick -- but will it be just as good without Stallone behind the Camera? Hear the latest in seconds. hey hey Hey , I'm Chelsea cannell, thanks for tuning in to Clevver Movies! So Sylvester Stallone had HUGE success with last year's Expendables after starring in and directing the film that was made mostly outside of the studio system -- so what's the deal with Expendables 2? Guess Stallone won't be directing. The big guy is apparently meeting with possible directors to tackle the new script written by David Agosts and Ken Kaufman, the latter of whom penned Space Cowboys and Curious George! Word is, Millenium Films has made the sequel a priority and while Stallone is helping to develop the project, he'll be less active behind the camera. No word yet on a mission for the new movie, but Sly has said he is going to try to do something really radical with new characters that will subsequently reduce the role of some of the older ones. Rumor is, Bruce Willis could be getting a larger part and the Governator will most likely see his role beefed up now that he is out of office. All of this sounds good -- but how do you feel about Stallone stepping out of the director's chair? Think it'll be equally as successful without him behind the camera? And who do you think should fill the void! Tweet us @clevvermovies, hit up the comments, and then press subscribe to get all the latest on this project. Thanks for watching!