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    'Pretty Little Liars' Recap -- 'Touched By An A-ngel'


    by ClevverTV

    165 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hello little liars -- I'm Joslyn Davis and you're watching ClevverTV's weekly PLL round-up. Last night's episode, titled "Touched by an A-ngel" was creepier than ever and completely rocked our world. Right off the bat, A kicked things off with a bang by filling Emily's alpha-bits cereal box with all A's. Poor Em is so freaked out by this and the various other stressors in her life that Hanna and her mom decide what she really needs to do is just chill out. So the lovely Marin ladies give Emily a gift certificate for a much-needed massage. When Emily gets to her appointment and lies on the table, all seems well as she enjoys the R and R. The massage goes great and the therapist leaves the room with her still on the table. That is until the REAL massage therapist enters to start her massage and Emily realizes that good old A was the one in the room, with her hands around her neck -- talk about creepy! Then of course there's the whole JD, as in Jason DeLaurentis, situation. After the wildness of last week's JD-Aria kiss, things took a new direction with Aria marching right up to him to interrogate him about the photos that Spencer and Emily found of her in his secret shed. Oddly, he said that he found a roll of film in a box of Ali's stuff, and when he developed it, that's what he found. So Aria seems to let things go which really upsets Spencer who is worried for her safety. Spencer feels she has no choice but to do the unthinkable and tell Ezra. Not only does she tell Ezra everything about Jason, she also reveals that she knows about the relationship between he and Aria. Ezra rushes to Aria, and basically says that he's worried about her and if he's going to lose her then he's willing to tell everyone, including her parents, about them. That, however, probably won't happen since Aria's mom seems to think that Ezra is dating Spencer, and let's just say that she's completely disgusted, or in her words "betrayed" by the thought of the teacher-student relationship. Back to JD -- well, while packing up a bunch of Ian's stuff, Spencer and Toby find out that Ian, JD and OGR (aka Officer Garrett Reynolds) were in a high school club called NAT -- the letters stood for words in latin that translated into WE See All. Not sure what this means, but the episode closes out with OGR and JD -- who are the only two surviving members of NAT, sitting on Jason's porch chatting. Very strange. And lastly, on the subject of Hanna...she and Mona have a catastrophic horse-back riding trip with Hanna's soon-to-be step sister Kate. Kate overhears Hanna saying a slew of terrible things about her and a few hours later Kate follows up on things with a phone call to Hanna where she basically tells her that she's going to break her like a horse. Essentially Kate seems psychotic and this little relationship will be worth watching. Tons of drama this week and next week things will go to the next level, with the girls opening up about A for the first itme. So what do you guys think this whole NAT thing is about? Are JD and OGR in cahoots? Let us know what you think righ there and make sure to follow @ClevverTV on twitter for tons of Pretty Little Liars exclusives. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood, thanks for watching and we'll see you next time!